How I set my goals

My list of goals for 2017 was short, simple and straight-forward. It was a two items list. Goal 1 was to register ten(10) subjects with UNISA and pass all of them with distinctions. Which was a tall order for someone with a fulltime job. Second goal was to complete SOWETO marathon. By marathon, I meant full marathon, which is 42.2km, not 10km or 21.1km, which I completed couple of years ago.

I passed all 10 subjects I registered, but only managed to get 6 distinctions. It was the first time I am getting so many distinctions in a year. I used to aim to just pass all the subjects I registered.  Aiming too high encouraged me to work very hard. I ended up getting distinctions and scoring a bursary in the process. Bursary I never applied for. Even though I failed to get 10 distinctions, I feel like I have achieved the first goal.

As for second goal, I failed before I even attempt it. I didn’t even complete a half marathon throughout the year. For some reason I felt this second goal was interfering with the first goal. Being fit for a full marathon requires hours and hours of training. Hours which I don’t have since I  have fulltime employment. Next year I will try to make sure that goals I set, aren’t competing with each other in terms of time.

For year 2018, I am going to set more or less the same kind of goals, but I will remove the SOWETO marathon goal because I know that I won’t have time to practice for marathon. I will list marathon goal under wishes. Main goal of 2018 is to finally complete my qualification in record time, and with cum laude. I am only left with 5 subjects. 25 subjects completed in the last 5 semesters.