Fear of launching

Launching a new project is one thing I am not afraid of doing. Most people are afraid of launching projects. They keep on polishing it until they lose interest and move on to another project. They hide behindĀ perfectionism. Which doesn’t make sense because a product will never be perfect if it isn’t in the hands of the people. It needs to be tested on the wild by people who weren’t involved in the development of that project. That’s when you start to discover bugs, fix them and move closer to perfection.

Tonight I decided to launch a billing system which has been sitting on my laptop for a while now. Here is the URL -> https://www.recurso.co.za. It is a simple billing system that allows you to create professional looking quotations and invoices. Also record payments received. It is targeted at freelancers and small businesses. No IT guy required. You can create and send professional looking quotations and invoices from anywhere in the world. As a Freelancer or an owner of a small business, work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Your tools should always be at your disposal. They must be available to you at all times. All you need is an Internet connected device. Go ahead and try it. Please provide me with feedback so that I can improve it.

When I decide on a launch date of a system, I launch it on that day. I will rather cut back on features and launch what is already completed. There is always time in future to add yet another feature. There is always time in future to add yet another technology. We got to know when something is done and push it to the hands of the people.

Another reason why people are afraid of launching their projects, is fear of failure. If you don’t launch, you cannot fail they say. Which also doesn’t make sense because by not launching, you are admitting failure before you even give your project a chance. I am not advocating for launching of half-baked system. All I am saying is that we need to know when something is good enough and let it go to the hands of the people. So that they can start using it to solve their problems.

Real artists ship. Those are the words of Steve Jobs. Almost everyone have ideas. Only few people implement those ideas. A tiny fraction of those who implement, launch. A project in your laptop will never solve people’s problems. By not launching, you are robbing this world of a tool that can move human race forward. You are also robbing yourself of an opportunity to learn from failure. Go ahead and launch. Be a real artist.