Getting into a habit of eating healthy

Ketogenic food list
Ketogenic food list

This article is second episode of the getting into a habit series. Focus of this article is on helping you to get into a habit of healthy eating. In the beginning of the year,. most people set a goal of losing weight, but only few succeed. Reason why most people fail is because they expect quick results. When they don’t see those results, they get discouraged and quit.

This article is offering  an alternative method to quick-fix diets. Instead of focusing on losing weight, you are going to focus on getting into a habit of eating healthy. Results will come without even focusing on them. Not only you will lose lots of weight, you will also start to feel healthier. Don’t be surprised if some of your illnesses disappear without even visiting health professionals. You energy levels will be at an all-time high by the time you are finished with this challenge. You won’t be controlled by food. You will start to eat to live, not live to eat.

Majority of people aren’t fat and/or unhealthy because they are eating too much, they are fat because they are eating the wrong food. On this challenge, we are going to eliminate those food groups and drinks which contains hidden sugar and makes one fat. It will be in the form of 10 rules that you need to follow for at least 21 days. Here they are:

1. No consumption of alcoholic beverages
2. Cook all your food at home
3. No consumption of sugary drinks
4. Your plate must have 65% fat, 30% proteins and only 5% carbs
5. No fruits allowed
6. No processed food allowed
7. No carbohydrates-rich foods like pap, rice, bread, potatoes and corn.
8. Eat whole foods which are low in carbs
9. Use healthy oils and fats only to cook your food
10. Maximum 2 meals a day. Preferably eaten within 6 hours

Now that you have been told about what not to eat, what must I eat? Good question: Here is a non-exhaustive list of food that you can eat:

You can eat low carbohydrates vegetables like spinach, pumpkin, patty pans, zucchinis, cabbage, lettuce etc.

You can eat unprocessed beef, chicken, lamb and fish. Preferable chicken and fish. Boerewors and minced meat also allowed because they aren’t heavily processed. As long as they have no added sugar.

Cook your meals with healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil etc.

You can eat dairy products like full cream milk, double cream unsweetened yoghurt, unprocessed cheese, feta cheese etc.

You basically eat food coming straight from the farm to your nearest grocer/supermarket. Even better if you go and buy directly from the farm or pick from your backyard.

Aim of this challenge is to fight sugar addiction. Sugar is the number 1 enemy. That’s why governments all over the world are introducing sugar tax. It is the one that makes people fat. Yes, fat you eat isn’t the one that makes you fat. It is sugar that made you fat. It is the one that causes obesity. It is hidden in majority of processed food. After the challenge, you will realise that this sweet drug is the one which was the cause of your health issues.

These rules have been used by a lot of people with great results. Majority of them weren’t even exercising, but they lose weight and start to feel healthier. It is a tried and tested method to regain your health.

Try this challenge for 21 days. I can guarantee you that if you follow these rules without cheating, you will lose weight without even counting calories. You will lose weight without starving yourself. Your health will improve. Don’t even be surprised if your sexually related problems are fixed. Some people who have taken the challenge have reported improvements between the sheets.

We have reach the end of article 3 in the series of getting into a habit. Next article will be about getting into a habit of exercising.







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